Debit card and online payment You can easily pay with us via PIN and online via iDeal.

We also have something that is extra easy for you as a customer: iDeal In-3 This allows you to pay your invoice in 3 installments without surcharge and without interest.

You can also pay via SEPA Credit Transfer SOFORT Banking (European payment method) KBC-CBC-Payment button.

Pay by invoice. Payment by invoice for business buyers is provided by our partner Billie.

Please note the payment information sent by Billie. You can easily manage your invoices in the Billie Buyer Portal. Additional FAQs As a business customer, can I pay on account with Billie? Yes, business customers can buy from Billie on account at VangulikspecialTools.

If you do not have the option to pay with Billie, this may have several reasons. Please note that the terms and conditions for purchase on account for business customers are determined by the provider Billie GmbH.

More information can be found here. What is the payment term when purchasing on account for business customers at Billie? When purchasing on invoice from Billie, business customers have 30 days to pay their invoice.

What is the Billie Buyer Portal? Once the purchase is complete, you will gain access to your Billie Buyer Portal. Here you can view and download all your Billie invoices. I am a business customer and would like to use "purchase on account" through Billie. Why isn't my company name showing at checkout? To verify your payment per invoice, Billie compares the customer information you provide with Billie's credit bureau information. If Billie is unable to match your customer information with our credit agency information, your company name may not appear or you may be offered a different name suggestion in the checkout window.

For self-employed persons or companies with the legal form GbR, the information is not always verifiable by credit bureaus.

In this case, please enter your first and last name in the checkout window.

This allows real-time verification via SCHUFA scores and only then can you proceed to checkout via Billie.




iDEAL in3 - Spread your payment in 3 instalments without interest


Prefer not to pay for your purchase all at once? With iDEAL in3, you can spread your payment over 3 instalments within 60 days, without any extra costs. This applies to purchases from €50,- up to a maximum of €5,000,-.


Before your payment is processed, we conduct a quick check of your data. If your payment request is not approved for any reason, feel free to contact us or choose another payment method. For more details about iDEAL in3, visit our website.


How it works:


1. Select iDEAL in3 in checkout:

Choose iDEAL in3 as your payment method, after which a quick check of your data will take place.


2. First payment & shipping:

Make the first payment, one-third of the total amount, via iDEAL and your order will be shipped immediately.


3. Subsequent instalments:

You pay the second instalment within 30 days, and the third instalment within 60 days. We'll send you timely reminders so you don't miss any payments.